Eating disorders in ballet dancers:

many are aware of the lengths to which these dancers go to in order to keep themselves looking that way.
Eating disorders and body weight:
Ballet dancers are constant weight watchers. They can get quite panicky if they put on even a bit more weight than they are supposed to possess. They ignore any weight-gain advice and are always under immense pressure to diet and maintain equality with their peers and other ballet dancers. Low body weight and mental disturbances can cause ballet dancers to face primary and secondary problems due to eating disorders.
Self-induced eating disorders:
Ballet dancers are known to induce eating disorders. In their craze to keep looking slim and fit, many ballet dancers induce vomiting, change regular food habits and time and also disturb themselves mentally and physically just to stay in with the ballet-dancing image. They eat at irregular intervals, do too much of exercise and restrict themselves to only particular foods. Constantly watching over their weight and worrying about becoming obese at the slightest hint of weight gain, these ballet dancers are definitely not as cheerful as they are made out to be.
Bulimia and binge eating:
Over exercising and practicing too much can have its negative effects. Binge eating often occurs when a ballet dancer can suddenly resort to eating without restrictions. While doing so, too much of thought about food intake and then throwing it all up is also not of much use. Eating only to survive and not to live takes away much from life and that is definitely not advisable. Media's images of charming and petite ballet dancers do convey the wrong message to young minds. The actual eating disorders found amongst these ballet dancers are hidden away from media glare. Many a times, these young ballet dancers skip their meals inviting stomach ailments over a period of time.
Taking care today for a healthier tomorrow:
Young ballet dancers must look into their eating disorders and find a remedy to suit their lifestyles and must-stay-fit attitudes. Taking professional medical help is not a bad idea if that would mean a healthier tomorrow.

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Eating Disorders
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